About Me

I am a huge fan of fashion in Second Life and this blog is the way that I express my delight. :)

I love to shop and the majority of the things I show here were purchased by me or received as group gifts or hunt prizes.

Review Policy

I am happy to accept your fashion and/or home & garden items for review.  I do reserve the right to not blog an item that I feel does not fit me or my style.  I know that a lot of time and hard work goes in to creating things for Second Life and I don't feel that it would be fair to you as the creator to present an item in a less than positive light simply because it isn't "me". 

My Photography

I am not a professional photographer, but I am learning and spend quite a bit of time doing it.  Most of my photos are presented as cropped raw shots straight from Second Life.  I do enjoy the challenge of capturing the best image possible without using outside photo editors.  That being said... I do enjoy experimenting with PhotoShop and PicMonkey.